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    Own your Own Video Site like With One Year FREE HOSTING & Domain name FOR ONLY£ 99or£125 ADVERT FREE Includes working site as seen with easy Dashboard to add new videos, register members, change settings etc. etc. W

  • 00:45 Popular Save The Locust appeal by NBC

    Save The Locust appeal by NBC

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    Save The Locust appeal by NBC The next Viral video

  • 00:57 Popular Market Thailand 23 March 2015

    Market Thailand 23 March 2015

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    Evening Market 23rd March 2015

  • Popular The Body waggler

    The Body waggler

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    Using the body waggler have won me many matches on stillwater distance fishing, with choppy conditions, having the tools to out fish your competitors is the secret to winning, and the body waggler is a float that could win for you.

  • Popular The Stepped Waggler

    The Stepped Waggler

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    This waggler is a continuation and a development from the inserted waggler, used instead of the single insert for a dual purpose

  • Popular The Peacock Waggler

    The Peacock Waggler

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    Introducing the Peacock Waggler

  • Popular Inserted Waggler

    Inserted Waggler

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    The Inserted Waggler

  • Popular Introduction to the Waggler

    Introduction to the Waggler

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    An Introduction to Wagglers

  • 03:43 Popular Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the Sky (with Lyrics)

    Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the Sky (with Lyrics)

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    on Vidsnet Here is a photo montage I put together to the song Dancing in the Sky by Dani and Lizzy. Such an amazing song, and really struck a chord with me after a recent loss.My interpretation of the lyrics are in the video, as well as below, for anyone

  • 04:03 Popular Early Evening Market in Thailand

    Early Evening Market in Thailand

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    Neil Branson at an Early Evening Market in Thailand22nd March 2015 With Public Domain music addedalso seen on vidsnet

  • 02:41 Popular Alien Joke

    Alien Joke

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    Alien Joke on

  • 01:16 Popular In memory of father

    In memory of father

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    In memory of father I sit here with a tear in my eye. As I silently read and write.   What I would give, if I could Say. Hello, Dad, in the same old way. To hear vour Voice, see your smile To sit with you and chat a while .. So any of you out there, who h

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